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Kloof Rest Home Association (Est. 1904)

The ‘Go-To’ People for Retirement



‘The Hills Retirement Community’ plays a vital role as the ‘go-to’ people in respect of retirement, in the upper Highway area. While our Rotarian linked provenance and pedigree of over 114 years of dedicated service, is undisputed; lesser known are the wide range of skills and services we are able to offer seniors.

Not only do we offer advice in search of well-appointed and affordable retirement accommodation; nor are assisted living and advanced care our sole salient strengths – indeed whilst our five estates and two care centres are central to our ethos of care – we are in fact bi-products of their real focus, which is holistic service to seniors.

Beautiful Facilities

All our villages cater for the retired lifestyle and are situated in beautiful and relaxing areas.

Frail Care

Our incredible staff are on call 24 hours a day to assist in the well being of all our guests.

 Easy Access

All our villages are located near shopping and lifestyle facilities.

Quality Care

We are constantly looking at ways in ensuring that all our residents and guests are constantly engaged.

What is a Life Right Agreement?

How life right agreements work


“Thank you for the ongoing care given to my mother Sarah, who has been resident here for several years. She speaks highly of the staff & loves the food! We are very grateful that her needs are met at Kloof Rest Home. She is content & fulfilled living here.”

– Trudy Anderson

Hello from Linda Bellingham

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Moist Vanilla Cupcakes

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Shopping Mall Seniors – and SUV ‘walkers’

Shopping Mall Seniors – and SUV ‘walkers’   Yesterday morning while enjoying breakfast with my wife at the local shopping mall, I saw an elderly lady returning to her car in the parking lot. What was significant was that she was pushing a shopping...


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